The Tradition of Hunting Forest Honey in the Land of the Baduy

The current condition of the Baduy community is still protected from the spread of the virus.

However, the impact of the virus has resulted in the Baduy tourist village being temporarily closed from tourists. The closure of the tourist attractions is aimed at preventing the spread of the virus in the midst of the Baduy community.

Some of the Baduy people who rely on the tourism sector for their livelihoods are experiencing economic difficulties. In order to survive, they continue to work by farming, weaving, and hunting forest honey traditions in their ancestral lands.

Its fertile and abundant natural wealth makes it easier for the Baduy tribe to get their daily needs.

Some Baduy people increase their income by hunting for honey in the forest. One of them is Kang Herman, who is an outside the Baduy community. He usually becomes a tour guide, in the village of the Baduy tribe. However, after this temporary closure, he hunts more forest honey to cover his household needs.

Baduy Honey

In Kanekes Village, Kang Herman and other Baduy residents harvest honey in the traditional way. They take honey from the hive or commonly called Odeng. Baduy honey is produced by wild bees that live freely and nest in protected forests on their ancestral lands.

Usually, Kang Herman and three other village relatives go on a honey hunt before the sun rises. They walked through the hills and forests for a 3-4 hour journey, only to arrive at the nearest location.

After arriving at a location in a protected forest or cultivated forest, they look for a location where the bees often nest. Bees nest in wild trees in the middle of the forest.

They harvest with the tools used, including Sige, Upet, knives, sacks, ropes, buckets, and sieves. Sige is a bamboo used for climbing, consisting of two parts, namely a Banthol (hook), which will be connected with a ledge.

After the preparation is complete, it begins with smoking, Upet is a smoke-making material. Usually, the tribute is made from leaves that are tied, then burned at the end. The results of burning leaves that are still a bit wet produce smoke. At the time of smoking, the bees will leave the hive in a short time they will return.

Climbers must quickly grab, otherwise, a swarm of bees will attack. By directly cutting the head of the nest that contains honey. Parts containing eggs, larvae, and pupae are left. So that the hope is that the nest will be filled with honey and can be harvested later.

“Usually bees build their nests from the beginning for about 18-20 days and after that, we can harvest, for one bee hive can be harvested 2-3 times,” said Kang Herman.

After we harvest we take them home and the yield from each nest usually varies greatly. If you are lucky or the nest is large, you can get 15-20 bottles of 500 ml in size, and if you are not lucky you can go home empty-handed.

The honey harvested in 500 ml bottles is sold to collectors, usually earning around Rp150,000 to Rp200,000.

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Baduy Honey

“Sharing the results in a family manner by looking at who often looks for honey to the forest, we work together for those who often go to the forest usually, he will get more but for the whole, we share the results,” said Kang Herman.

The Baduy honey produced is pure honey without a mixture, because these bees suck various types of wildflower juice so that the nutritional content in it is varied and natural and very beneficial for consumption.

Oil Palm Development Area is Potential to be Replaced by Amusement Park

Indonesia, as an element of the world’s largest archipelago district, faces unique obstacles in reaching equitable development in its 16,000 islands. Although overall economic development is quite strong, development is still concentrated in the western elements of Indonesia like in Java, and has not yet touched the more isolated islands in the eastern element. Therefore, not a few circles welcomed President Joko Widodo’s commitment to add to the economy in the very eastern provinces of Indonesia (Papua and West Papua).

The development of oil palm plantations opens opportunities for economic growth. However, not a few impacts are classified as irreversible deforestation and health problems from forest and land fires. Long-term economic growth that is profitable for Papua and West Papua can only be achieved if Indonesia can find advanced techniques without depleting natural resources and ecosystem services that are essential for the livelihoods and well-being of local communities.

About one third of the remaining rain forests in Indonesia are in Papua and West Papua. At present, the existence of this forest is in danger by the growth of the Indonesian agriculture sector as the main driver of the country’s economy which causes the movement of deforestation caused by the development of agricultural land to the east. In 2015, Papua recorded the highest level of forest cover loss to date.

The latest trial from Places to Watch, a Global Forest Monitoring (GFW) initiative that aims to detect deforestation hotspots around the world, indicates the level of tree cover loss in Papua which is quite surprising. An oil palm company cuts at least 3,700 hectares (about a third of Paris’s area) the location of primary forest in Boven Digoel Regency.

Together with local NGOs, belonging to Greenpeace Sorong and Pusaka, we are pursuing that the loss of tree cover occurs in areas of forest that have obtained an artificial palm oil license according to a Ministerial Decree in 2012. Although deforestation that causes the loss of tree cover is felt to be ‘planned’ and legal , the clearance of natural forests at this level can result in permanent destruction of the ecosystem which will minimize the economic productivity of the forest.

The economic impact has begun to be experienced by communities near the preliminary areas of forest land. The income from forest products and wood supply for their location and fuel is reduced by the impact of this oil palm plantation. Local farmers also reported crop failures because pests were present from the existence of oil palm plantations. The loss of urgent ecosystem services permanently threatens these communities, classified as air and water purification which can create financial and health burdens.

Land clearing detected by Places to Watch is not the only occurrence. Boven Digoel’s deforestation has taken place over the past 15 years at an unmatched pace.

Empty area that can be used is more advantageous for Amusement Park

The decline in oil palm prices over the past few years has led many experts to give advice on building empty areas to become playgrounds or tourist attractions. One of the closest advantages of selling palm oil is the gambling tourist spot model.

Sbobet as the biggest gambling company in the Philippines has been called to have an interest in investing in Indonesia. Although their operations of online gambling containing slot machine, sportsbook and live casino are currently limited and many Indonesians are looking for link alternatif sbobet to playing gambling, there is no denying that the interest in betting in big cities is very high. It is not impossible that there is a region in Indonesia which will be formalized to become a gambling city and bring huge foreign exchange to the country.

Achieve Sustainable Development in Papua

Economic development and environmental management can take place simultaneously. Some concrete steps can be implemented to ensure that the Provinces of Papua and West Papua obtain economic growth without sacrificing the conservation of natural resources that support the welfare of the local community.

All levels of government must collaborate in supervising companies that have obtained permits to clear primary forest areas. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Ministry of Agriculture, and local officials can work together using the methods used by Places to Watch to prevent companies from doing work outside the concession area.

The governments of the Papua and West Papua regions must harmonize spatial plans, development plans and strategic environmental evaluations in order to achieve a balance between economic development and environmental sustainability. Papua Province has issued regulations to protect around 90 percent of its entire forest area, of which 60 percent is protected forest area. Districts in the province, like Boven Digoel, must adjust to this provision.

The Provincial Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) must actively explore the environmental impact analysis and monitor the company’s work to assess whether the plantation company truly benefits development and ecological well-being. If Bappeda is chasing companies that are detrimental to environmental quality and violating established spatial plans, then try the provincial government to withdraw US permits


Adventuring has become the goal of many people, especially for those who have a high curiosity.

Adventure can be done in various fields, which are generally difficult to reach—ranging from uninhabited islands, abandoned cities, to jungles.

If you are in Indonesia, adventure in the forest is the most attractive option. Aside from being easy to reach, Indonesia’s tropical forests still hide many things that might be unfamiliar to you.

However, there are times when adventuring in the forest becomes dangerous. Therefore, you need equipment preparation so that the adventure remains safe. The following is a list of equipment for safe and fun adventure in the forest.

Handphone for gambling

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Folding Knife
Folding Knife

You can not miss this equipment on the list of adventure equipment. You can use a knife to open a path in a famously convoluted forest. Also, you can use a knife to cut foodstuffs. Choose a multipurpose knife to enter your equipment list.

Water Purifying Tablets

The human body always needs water. Without water, you will become dehydrated, so your body feels weak. This is certainly not what you want when doing an adventure in the forest. For that, make sure your water needs are guaranteed by using water purifying tablets. With this tablet, you don’t need to carry a lot of water supplies because you can take the nearest water source and purify it. Practical, is not it?


Besides water, an essential element that humans need when adventuring in the forest is fire. Fire helps humans to survive and avoid the disturbance of wild animals. However, making a fire in the forest is not as easy as when you turn on the gas stove. Therefore, you need a fire starter to make a fire.

To produce a fire, slide your fire starter on a pocketknife.


The weather in Indonesia’s tropical forests is challenging to predict. Sometimes it’s sweltering, but it’s not uncommon to rain. As a precaution, you can prepare a raincoat. So as not to burden your luggage, bring a disposable coat that is relatively lighter and doesn’t take place. When the raincoat is damaged by rainwater, you can use it as an additional sleeping pad.


In the forest, there are times when you will face a genuinely unexpected situation, ranging from the disturbance of wild animals to disease attacks. For that, you need to put medicines in your equipment list. Be sure to bring anti-infective drugs such as Tetracycline tablets to prevent the spread of infectious bacteria in the body. Besides, also take diarrhea drugs such as Imodium. Untreated diarrhea can cause severe dehydration, which is dangerous to humans.

For first aid in wounds, provide antibiotic ointments such as Neosporin or Bacitracin and alcohol. So that it doesn’t take too much space, you can use sheet alcohol.

Insect Repellent

The existence of insects in a tropical forest can not be avoided anymore. Insects in tropical forests are sometimes larger than insects in cities. It is feared that these insects carry diseases that are dangerous to you. As a preventative measure, bring insect repellents in the form of lotions or sprays.

So, are you ready for an adventure in the forest? Do not forget to bring a variety of equipment above!


Starting from strengthening muscles, picnics, to train confidence and refresh your mind. Let’s try cross-nature running!

The benefits of cross-nature running include not only physical but also mental and emotional elements. In other words, almost everything, right? No wonder that fans and enthusiasts of cross-country running competitions in Indonesia are increasing. We talked to Ruth Theresia and Rinaldi Firdaus, cross-nature runners about the benefits of cross-nature running for them – which could also benefit you.

cross-nature running

Strengthens Muscles

Hiking across various fields, from hills to mountains to forests. Most are not in the form of horizontal terrain, but derivatives and climbs. “By running in different fields, we can simultaneously do muscle strengthening, especially in the muscles of the limbs such as calves and quadriceps,” Rinaldi said.

This was agreed upon by Ruth. “Cross-nature running strengthens the trunk muscles and lower body. For me, this is beneficial because I happen to feel my lower body is less proportional. Cross-nature running makes my lower body more durable and shaped. My endurance has also become more sustainable. ”

Picnic and Refreshing

“Running in a cool area and rich in trees, cross-nature running will make the mind fresh again,” said Rinaldi. Cross-nature running can also function as an escape from the fatigue of daily work activities. Eliminate the atmosphere of vehicle noise and urban pollution, and enter the sound of birds chirping and wind, then you will get a very different experience. No wonder many runners who live in urban areas often set aside their weekends for cross-nature running.

Running cross -nature while on a picnic? Why not? Who lives in Jakarta, can choose Sentul. Living in Bandung, there is a choice of Taman Hutan Raya. Want to explore new places? Check out recommended cross-nature running locations from Ruth.

Learn to Survive

Running cross-nature, of course, it’s a matter of returning to nature. Although she could bring her drinks, when running on Mount Gede Pangrango, Ruth chose to refill her drinking supplies in the spring. “As long as nature still provides, I choose to take from nature.” Once, Ruth had run out of drinking water while checking the route for a running competition. “We surveyed on Ramadhan Eve. As a result, the stalls closed so that no one sold drinking water. Incidentally, we found a flowing river. We also take drinking water from the river. ”

The same applies to food. Ruth found that almost all mountains grow small berries that can be eaten immediately. “It tastes sweet so it can also function as an energy booster. Other times, when we are traversing the farmer’s gardens, we sometimes ask the farmers for tomatoes. If only one or two, they would like to give.”

Train Confident

“Cross-nature running teaches me to understand the unyielding spirit, both during competitions and in everyday life,” Rinaldi said. “Alone in the middle of the race track, there is no choice but to keep moving forward. I have to believe in myself. ”

Ruth felt the same way. Also, cross-nature running gives a bonus of weight loss, which has an impact on increasing her self-confidence. “When I was a basketball athlete, I weighed 60 kg with a height of 157 cm. Now my weight is around 48-49 kg. This not only makes me more confident with my appearance, but my steps are also lighter when running. ”
Cross-nature running


Forest is not just a place where so many kinds of plants grow, but don’t forget that so many different types of animals stay in the forest as their own home. We also need to remember why we still live in a safe city where no wild animal roaming around us. Here is the reason why we need to remember why we need to take care of the natural forest.


Habitat of Residence

Forest is a place for animals to live, wild nature as a place for animals to live. Many animals spend their lives in the forest. From it was born until the animal died. Each animal has its own way of life, where there live alone live in trees, forest floors, underground and in the waters of the forest. Every animal has its own power. For the ruling animal will defend its territory, other animals can also enter a different habitat. The animal will fall prey to the ruler of the area.

Nowadays, animal habitats are diminishing due to the amount of destruction done to the forest that is done deliberately or unintentionally. Because of the decreasing number of animal dwellings, these animals can get lost or arrive in residential areas. So that makes people panic and afraid to be around the environment outside the home.

Forest Benefit

Places to Find Food

In addition to a shelter for animals, the forest is also a supplier and provider of food for the animals that live in it. Plants and other animals function as food. All animals and plants complement each other, without one animal life will not be balanced and can paralyze life.

Every living creature will certainly fulfill their needs. All that is needed is already in the forest, just how the living creatures complete themselves.


Breeding Grounds

In addition to living places, forests are used as breeding grounds. Every animal has a different way of breeding. Likewise, there are breeding sites that are above trees in soil. Breed aims to preserve offspring and also to increase the number of group members.



The height of the trees and the geography of the forest floor are used for young animals to play with friends of one kind. Like a collection of young monkeys playing from one tree to another by jumping.

Likewise, other animals that use the forest as a playground, in the soil and water trees. So that cooperation and a sense of socialization are established for each animal in their respective groups.


Have you ever been hiking or camping in a forest or on a mountain? We can run out of logistics or food in the forest or mountains. Or maybe during the trip, we feel hungry but lazy to unload the contents of the bag/carrier for fear of damaging the arrangement of packing. Do not worry at this time. We will share information about survival foods that can be searched along the path in the forest or the mountains.

1. Cantigi (Vaccinium Pharyngiaefolium)

Plant that can be eaten

This little tree is often encountered when we are hiking in the mountains. We can eat this part of the plant at the tip of its red leaves. Sour taste like star fruit, the taste is quite fresh enough to make our throats satisfied if we are thirsty when traveling on the mountain.

2. Murbai / Bebendah (Morus)

Plant that can be eaten

Well, this is a fruit that refreshes the throat. The surface of this fruit is similar to strawberries. This fruit that lives in cold temperatures is sweet (if it’s ripe) but in our opinion even though the young one feels sour but still tastes fresh.

3. Ciplukan / Cecendet / Cep require / (Physallis peruviana L)

Plant that can be eaten

This sweet fruit can be found in open areas. Because this fruit requires a lot of sunlight. This fruit is covered in a bud-shaped wrap as big as a marble. Apparently, this fruit can treat diseases such as wet lung disease and stomachache.

4. Calingcing (Oxalis Corniculata Linn)

Plant that can be eaten

This fruit tastes very delicious when eaten with a spicy reply. Can be rich in a fruit salad is like star fruit only it’s smaller (tiny) leaves, and stems can also be eaten. This plant can be used as a cold or fever medicine.

5. Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana)

Plant that can be eaten

This plant tastes sweet, as sweet as this plant can even replace sugar for diabetics, this plant used to come from the plains of America but now grows in the plains of Java and Sumatra.

6. Mushrooms (Mushroom)

Plant that can be eaten

This umbrella-like plant must be very familiar. Can be vegetables or stir-fry, but be careful of many poisonous mushrooms, for example: magic mushroom or colorful mushroom.

7. Begonia

Plant that can be eaten

This plant is widely found in tropical rain forests. Often found in the mountain Raung. It can be eaten on the stem. It tastes sour like starfruit.

8. Poh Pohan

Plant that can be eaten

The name is poh-pohan. The taste is indeed slightly bitter, but if it tastes good. Often found around the ground, the tree is short but watch out don’t get it wrong. It has fragrant leaves.

9. Honje

Plant that can be eaten

The name is honje, eaten by fruit or the flower tastes fresh like guava water, suitable for relieving thirst, often also found in the moist and humid places.

10. Harendong Bulu

Plant that can be eaten

This Harendong looks similar to Poh-Pohan, but this one has furry leaves, the fruit is purplish-blue if it’s already fried, it can be eaten [but the feather has to be removed first] it tastes sweet-sour.

There are also steps that we should know so that we don’t eat the wrong plants:

Common Characteristics of Edible Plants:
  • Parts of plants that are still young (shoots/buds)
  • Plants that do not contain sap
  • Plants that are not hairy
  • Plants that do not smell bad
  • Plants that are eaten by mammals, for example: Monkeys
Steps Needed When Eating Plants:
  • Eat known plants
  • Eat just one type of plant
  • Do not eat plants whose fruit is purple because it is feared to contain alkaloid toxins

How to eat fruits that we do not know is just put a little piece on the hands waiting for the reaction, if there is no strange feeling (hot, bitter) means it is quite safe. Then to the lips and tongue with the same procedure after eating it wait 30 minutes if there is no reaction that means safe to eat.


Forest is an area that is overgrown with dense trees and various types of plants. Forests are usually located in large areas in different parts of the world. Forests have the primary function of being a habitat for flora and fauna, producing oxygen and also as an absorber of carbon dioxide.


Forest Benefits

The vastness of the forest ecosystem makes the forest have many benefits. Forests can also have bad effects if we don’t conserve them, such as forest fires because someone throws away cigarette butts and so on. Besides being beneficial as one of the most important aspects of the Earth’s biosphere, forests also have a variety of benefits for human life, including:

Forest benefits for climatologists

Regulate Climate

The first benefit of forests is as a climate regulator. Forests have a variety of significant benefits, one of which is that it can stabilize and regulate the existing climate, both micro and macro. Therefore, the existence of the forest is very important for the continuity of human life.

An unstable world climate can occur if industrial lands displace forested areas. This can cause a lot of natural disasters and changes in the changing seasons.

As the Lungs of the World

Forest is a vast area that is the habitat of thousands or even millions of plant species that are very useful for life on earth. Plants that grow in forests can absorb carbon dioxide produced from breathing activities of animals or humans or other carbon produced by the earth itself.

Plants in the forest can also absorb carbon from industrial exhaust gases, which carbon is the most dangerous gas carbon for life on earth. Plants in the forest will produce oxygen after absorbing carbon dioxide, which oxygen is also very beneficial for living things to breathe.

Forest Benefits for Ecologists

Preventing Flood Erosion

Forests can prevent floods that will hit because the roots of plants that grow in the forest can absorb soil water high enough so that that plant roots can hold back the water’s rate. Also, forest ecosystems that have dense plant roots can prevent erosion of soil erosion when it rains, so natural disasters such as landslides can be prevented as early as possible.

Maintaining Soil Fertility

In the forest, there are many plants which, when the leaves fall, it will rot and decompose so that it will turn into topsoil that can be used as fertilizer that can help increase soil fertility. That is what can fertilize the soil, and fertile land is often used as an area to plant certain trees that have economic or aesthetic value.

As Region To Preserve Biodiversity

The many benefits of the forest are not only used for humans but also are useful for the preservation of flora and fauna. It should be that flora and fauna get a decent place to house and breed so that the forest and earth ecosystems can be maintained properly and balanced. It has become an obligation for everyone to protect the forest from damage.


The Benefits of Forests as a Hydraulic

Hold water

The forest ecosystem is a very appropriate area to collect rainwater and make it a place for groundwater reserves because forests can absorb water well when compared to land or empty land where there is no vegetation on it.

Therefore, to prevent natural disasters such as floods and landslides and also prevent drought, the thing that must be done is to plant land or vacant land with many plants and treat them well, so that the roots of these plants can grow firmly and can help save water reserves soil.

Prevent Saltwater Instrumentation

Saltwater intrusion is a process where saltwater enters freshwater land and pollutes freshwater so that freshwater reserves are running low. This usually happens frequently in coastal ecosystems.

Things that need to be done if the saltwater intrusion process occurs is to promote the preservation of mangrove forests where mangrove forests can help prevent the process of saltwater intrusion from minimizing and even preventing freshwater pollution by saltwater.

Regulator of Groundwater Management

Ecosystems are significant for farmworkers because forests are areas of soil fertility and regulators of groundwater management. If the forest is damaged, especially in the upper reaches, the water demand will be disrupted.

This condition is very common, it can be seen from the number of agricultural areas that experience drought each dry season, and when the rainy season arrives, farmers’ crops will be submerged. This is due to the reduced groundwater reserves that function to support the agricultural irrigation system.

This can also affect the productivity of agricultural land, which results in the economic slowdown of farmers. So it takes a serious commitment from all walks of life to begin to maintain the continuity of the forest ecosystem, starting from upstream to downstream so that the forest can return to function as it should, namely as a regulator of the groundwater system.


Forest Benefits for The Economy

Sale of Forest Products

The energy that forests have is not only beneficial for hydraulic but is also useful for the community’s economy. Indonesia, as one of the countries with the title of the largest forest in the world, utilizes forest products as an economical source for the benefit of the people of Indonesia. One of them is by relying on the results of the forest ecosystem.

Forests have a variety of staples that can be used, one of which is wood. Wood is usually used as a basis for making paper and also building materials. Besides that, the energy possessed by the forest can be used as a clothing material. Not only that, but forest products can also be used as national consumption and also imported for the national interest.

Foreign Exchange Earner

Forest products can also be used to contribute to a large foreign exchange for a country because forests have abundant wealth. Foreign exchange is an international payment instrument in the form of valuable goods that have been approved by each country. Foreign exchange can be in the form of gold, securities, foreign exchange, or goods that have been approved internationally.

Foreign exchange can function as the cost of developing a country or as payment of external debt installments. One of the mainstays of a country to get a foreign exchange is export activities. A country’s foreign exchange income will be even higher if a lot of goods or services are exported.

Indonesia relies on several forest products to be exported, such as honey, spices, cinnamon, ginger, and, most of all is the result of oil palm, which is usually found in forest’s production.