Animals in Forest

Forest is not just a place where so many kinds of plants grow, but don’t forget that so many different types of animals stay in the forest as their own home. We also need to remember why we still live in a safe city where no wild animal roaming around us. Here is the reason why we need to remember why we need to take care of the natural forest.


Habitat of Residence

Forest is a place for animals to live, wild nature as a place for animals to live. Many animals spend their lives in the forest. From it was born until the animal died. Each animal has its own way of life, where there live alone live in trees, forest floors, underground and in the waters of the forest. Every animal has its own power. For the ruling animal will defend its territory, other animals can also enter a different habitat. The animal will fall prey to the ruler of the area.

Nowadays, animal habitats are diminishing due to the amount of destruction done to the forest that is done deliberately or unintentionally. Because of the decreasing number of animal dwellings, these animals can get lost or arrive in residential areas. So that makes people panic and afraid to be around the environment outside the home.

Forest Benefit

Places to Find Food

In addition to a shelter for animals, the forest is also a supplier and provider of food for the animals that live in it. Plants and other animals function as food. All animals and plants complement each other, without one animal life will not be balanced and can paralyze life.

Every living creature will certainly fulfill their needs. All that is needed is already in the forest, just how the living creatures complete themselves.


Breeding Grounds

In addition to living places, forests are used as breeding grounds. Every animal has a different way of breeding. Likewise, there are breeding sites that are above trees in soil. Breed aims to preserve offspring and also to increase the number of group members.



The height of the trees and the geography of the forest floor are used for young animals to play with friends of one kind. Like a collection of young monkeys playing from one tree to another by jumping.

Likewise, other animals that use the forest as a playground, in the soil and water trees. So that cooperation and a sense of socialization are established for each animal in their respective groups.

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