The best way to preserve animals is to photograph them. So that the best weapons aiming for them are not guns and guns, but camera lenses. Photographing animals in the wild (wildlife photography) is not just photographing animals in close-up and placing it in the middle of the frame, waiting until it takes hours and even days is a schedule for nature photographers to get the best moments or expressions of animals that represent their nature. Because of that, the ability to choose the moment of animal activity and compose it in a photo becomes very important. Basic technical mastery of photography, such as camera operation, lens selection, determining the right time to take pictures until the composition of objects is a condition that needs to be mastered and understood.


Some tips on photographing wildlife:

  1. Mastery of the substance of the object of shooting can be done by reading literature and field observations.
  2. To be able to record all animal activities that cannot be predicted, the use of high continuous mode will be very beneficial in capturing the best moments.
  3. The continuous focusing mode will greatly help to record the movements of objects.
  4. Animals are living things that have their own expressions and uniqueness. Discover their unique natural characteristics.
  5. Use the Semi Manual mode such as speed priority to make it easier to make decisions in lighting settings
  6. Shoot objects from different angles.
  7. Wear a telephoto lens.
  8. Use the flash when needed with exposure compensation settings such that the atmosphere looks natural
  9. Waiting for the moment until eye contact with animals to produce expressive photos.
  10. Placing natural elements around objects to compose photographs.
  11. Disguised so as not to surprise the animal object photos.


How to Choose a DSLR Camera

Below, we will explain some steps on how to choose the right DSLR camera to get the correct type of DSLR. The tips are as follows:

1. Adjust Needs and Budget


Of course, adjustments to the needs and availability of funds or the existing budget is one of the tips on how to choose a DSLR camera. Not without reason, considering the price is not as cheap as buying fried foods, of course, this factor needs to be considered so that no regrets in the future. For its own application, if you really want to buy a camera for everyday use, it is advisable to buy a DSLR camera that has a price around 500 USD. But if don’t have enough money to buy it, there’s a link sbobet that can visit and will bring you to play poker on online gambling site.

2. Get to know the DSLR Camera Features


Before we make a choice, presumably in choosing this DSLR camera, it is necessary to know what features will be offered on the camera that we want. In its own determination, it can be seen from its needs. To support everyday photography activities, of course, friends can choose a DLSR camera that has standard features at a relatively more affordable price. Conversely, if friends want to buy a camera for work needs, of course, friends must choose a camera with superior features.

3. Invite Experienced Friends to Buy a DSLR Camera

Stepping on the third step of how to choose a DSLR camera, you have to really know the characteristics of the camera to be purchased. If you are still confused, of course, by inviting friends or friends who are experienced in the world of photography. This step is beneficial to help you choose the type of camera that best suits your wants or needs.

Although there are only three steps to choose a DSLR camera above, don’t underestimate it. The reason is, if we apply the three points above levels, we will get the type or brand of camera that is really suitable for what we need. Thus, it is not wrong if the three steps above to be applied directly. Well, presumably, that is some way to choose a DSLR camera that is suitable for you to try all. Hopefully, some of the information reviewed above can be info that provides positive benefits.

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