Adventuring has become the goal of many people, especially for those who have a high curiosity.

Adventure can be done in various fields, which are generally difficult to reach—ranging from uninhabited islands, abandoned cities, to jungles.

If you are in Indonesia, adventure in the forest is the most attractive option. Aside from being easy to reach, Indonesia’s tropical forests still hide many things that might be unfamiliar to you.

However, there are times when adventuring in the forest becomes dangerous. Therefore, you need equipment preparation so that the adventure remains safe. The following is a list of equipment for safe and fun adventure in the forest.

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Folding Knife
Folding Knife

You can not miss this equipment on the list of adventure equipment. You can use a knife to open a path in a famously convoluted forest. Also, you can use a knife to cut foodstuffs. Choose a multipurpose knife to enter your equipment list.

Water Purifying Tablets

The human body always needs water. Without water, you will become dehydrated, so your body feels weak. This is certainly not what you want when doing an adventure in the forest. For that, make sure your water needs are guaranteed by using water purifying tablets. With this tablet, you don’t need to carry a lot of water supplies because you can take the nearest water source and purify it. Practical, is not it?


Besides water, an essential element that humans need when adventuring in the forest is fire. Fire helps humans to survive and avoid the disturbance of wild animals. However, making a fire in the forest is not as easy as when you turn on the gas stove. Therefore, you need a fire starter to make a fire.

To produce a fire, slide your fire starter on a pocketknife.


The weather in Indonesia’s tropical forests is challenging to predict. Sometimes it’s sweltering, but it’s not uncommon to rain. As a precaution, you can prepare a raincoat. So as not to burden your luggage, bring a disposable coat that is relatively lighter and doesn’t take place. When the raincoat is damaged by rainwater, you can use it as an additional sleeping pad.


In the forest, there are times when you will face a genuinely unexpected situation, ranging from the disturbance of wild animals to disease attacks. For that, you need to put medicines in your equipment list. Be sure to bring anti-infective drugs such as Tetracycline tablets to prevent the spread of infectious bacteria in the body. Besides, also take diarrhea drugs such as Imodium. Untreated diarrhea can cause severe dehydration, which is dangerous to humans.

For first aid in wounds, provide antibiotic ointments such as Neosporin or Bacitracin and alcohol. So that it doesn’t take too much space, you can use sheet alcohol.

Insect Repellent

The existence of insects in a tropical forest can not be avoided anymore. Insects in tropical forests are sometimes larger than insects in cities. It is feared that these insects carry diseases that are dangerous to you. As a preventative measure, bring insect repellents in the form of lotions or sprays.

So, are you ready for an adventure in the forest? Do not forget to bring a variety of equipment above!